• Created in 1990 and composed of 20 partners, Veil Jourde is one of the very first independent French law firms operating in the main areas of business law.


  • The firm is based in Paris and employs lawyers offering a high level of expertise thanks to the complementarity of its teams and their skills.
    The firm is particularly recognized in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, litigation, restructuring, public law, financing, tax law, intellectual property, social law and real estate.


  • The firm's teams have developed a synergy between an in-depth knowledge of business law and a continuous practice of civil, commercial, regulatory, administrative, and criminal procedures, which are essential for the analysis of complex operations and the evaluation of potential risks.


  • The firm operates internationally through a network of referenced independent law firms. Thanks to their training and expertise, the firm's lawyers provide creativity and legal security, with a constant concern for quality, necessary for the realization of sophisticated operations.


  • The firm offers its clients a personalized and high-value-added service adapted to their specific needs.
    It advises numerous French and international industrial groups, investment banks, investment funds, and public and professional institutions.


Our M&A practice :
Mergers and acquisitions are one of the main activities of the firm. Particularly recognized in the field of acquisitions, stock-market law (advisory and litigation), high-end operations, and restructuring, the firm is also very active in Private Equity operations (LBO, Venture Capital).

Our Restructuring and Insolvency Practice :
The activity of the restructuring and insolvency department is a historical activity of the firm. The department enjoys a strong reputation and an excellent knowledge of the actors in this field of activity (commercial courts, judicial administrators, financial experts, auditors, transition managers, etc.).

Our Litigation Practice :
Litigation is just the continuation of negotiation and corporate strategy through other means. Our taste for legal combat will never detract us from preventing litigation and favoring negotiation whenever it is in the interest of our client.

If we know how to avoid litigation, we also know how to dose it according to its media effects or
launch surprise attacks. We actively participate in the overall strategy to maximize the chances of success and have a recognized experience for cases that present a certain legal or strategic complexity, whether they develop in France or in a transnational context.

Our reputation and experience make our team an essential player in the field of judicial or arbitral litigation. Our team has been involved in most of the landmark cases in recent years.

In terms of the number of cases, the team is involved in several hundred complex and often cross-cutting disputes each year. Clients are very diverse and of all types, including CAC 40 companies, international clients, family groups, and in all types of activities, such as banking, industry, luxury, entertainment, etc. Some clients regularly entrust all types of complex litigation to the firm, with faith and loyalty.

Our tax law practice :
Because tax law is vast and complex, our tax team takes an expert approach and provides personalized solutions for each client's specific project. In order to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, our tax law team works closely with other departments within the firm.

We assist clients in both national and international tax aspects of acquisitions, sales, LBOs, and group restructurings, particularly in collaboration with our M&A department. We also help companies and individuals with their daily tax issues and assist them in their dealings with French tax authorities through conventional frameworks such as tax rulings or tax audits.
Drawing on the combined expertise of our Litigation and Arbitration departments, which are well- known for their skills in business criminal law and public law, our tax team offers tailor-made services for tax disputes and in the context of criminal prosecution for tax fraud.

Our practice in employment law :
Employment law is both our expertise and a support for key operations of companies. The constant evolution of employment law, driven by the social and technological changes observed in our society, makes it necessary to provide daily support to companies in managing their social relationships and in implementing technical legal operations (restructuring, professional elections...). Led by Pauline Larroque Daran, the Employment Law team of the firm provides its legal expertise in labor law and social protection to assist companies of all sizes (SMEs, listed companies) and diversified sectors on a daily basis. This department, which works closely with other departments of the firm, also provides valuable support in restructuring operations (mergers and acquisitions, LBO...) to highlight social aspects and anticipate the social consequences of these operations. In addition to these advisory missions, the Employment Law team also defends companies in labor disputes brought before social
or criminal courts.

Our practice in public law :
The firm has a renowned practice in economic public law, both in advisory and litigation matters. The team regularly advises public actors, large companies or new entrants in the conduct of their projects, including the most complex ones. It also assists associations or professional unions in defending their interests, particularly with public authorities. In terms of litigation, the team represents its clients before regulatory authorities and before all administrative or judicial courts. It has also developed a strong practice in matters of priority questions of constitutionality. The team relies on its legal expertise as well as its acute knowledge of the world of administration and the judiciary to advise its clients in all aspects of their relations with public authorities, particularly in drafting and carrying legislative or regulatory texts.

Our practice in intellectual property :
The IP IT activity is led by Nicolas Brault, who joined the firm with his team on January 1, 2020 to create the department. The firm thus benefits from an additional and complementary expertise in both advisory and litigation matters, civil and criminal, in all areas of intellectual property law, communication law, and media law. The team puts its experience, skills, and availability at the service of a clientele of large French and international groups in the fields of luxury, communication and media, distribution, but also organizations and professional unions, owners of famous works, and personalities. The team also regularly supports the activities of other departments of the firm.

Our practice in real estate :
The Real Estate department intervenes for investors - French or foreign investment funds or listed real estate companies -, developers, planners, or municipalities on operations that may be located in France or abroad. The Real Estate department operates both in terms of advisory and private or administrative litigation. With this dual expertise, the lawyers in the team participate in contract negotiation by
seeking to anticipate possible contentious actions that could slow down the contractual process.