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With our in-depth knowledge of the economic landscape and the different ecosystems of the business community, we have been dedicated to the success of your projects for over 30 years.

Our Expertise

A French and international clientèle
Listed and non-listed companies
Financial players
Public and semi-public players
Entrepreneurs and top executives
Leading business and political figures

A comprehensive approach
to business law

Our teams are involved in transactions (M&A and private equity), litigation and criminal business law, tax, financing, restructuring, employment, real estate, intellectual and industrial property, public and regulatory law.

Our experience has given us in-depth knowledge of a number of business sectors (luxury goods and wine, sport and media, retail and distribution, innovation and technology, public affairs, etc.).

Our Expertise

and informed solutions

Our balanced mix of advisory and litigation services sets us apart in complex environments. Our ambition is to be a solid partner, and we create unique, tailor-made solutions.

Our lawyers combine their experience and skills to provide you with a pragmatic and comprehensive view of every situation.

Our team


Veil Jourde has built its reputation on the development of close personal relationships with its clients. As a French business law firm, we are devoted to providing guidance to our clients with integrity, transparency and respect for the ethical principles that define our profession. We believe that our relationship with you and your teams is based on trust, loyalty and professionalism.
Conveying know-how
Veil Jourde's culture is based on caring for and respecting its members. Partners, associates and employees are keen to recognise individual qualities, encourage initiative and promote internal communication. Passing on knowledge has always been at the heart of our vision and is one of the founding values of our firm. We have developed a culture of sharing our knowledge and expertise, and recognise the commitment of our teams by developing our talents through advancement and building individual career paths. Ensuring that the next generation is prepared and trained, and that our tradition of excellence continues, is a priority for us.
Legal security
Aware of the complexity of the issues you are facing, we mobilise our complementary expertise to help you achieve your objectives with confidence. Our responsiveness and professionalism enable us to maintain a privileged relationship with you. Keeping abreast of legislative and regulatory developments, we cultivate a constant curiosity about your environment and your organisation. Thanks to this active monitoring, we can provide you with the appropriate level of assistance for your projects, with an inventive and assertive approach.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
We aim to be proactive in creating a sustainable and socially responsible business environment. As such, we integrate sustainable and ethical practices into our activities, from initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint to promoting responsible corporate governance. We are also active in a number of philanthropic and social projects.
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At Veil Jourde, we cultivate teamwork.
Throughout the year, we recruit new talent.