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18 January 2024

Veil Jourde promotes two partners and two counsels

Veil Jourde has co-opted Gabriel d’Amécourt and Vincent Ramel as partners in the mergers & acquisitions and private equity department, and has promoted Fanny Attal and Ismaël Koné to counsels in intellectual property and employment law respectively.

These appointments are in keeping with the culture of transmission that lies at the heart of the firm’s values, which since its creation has recognised the commitment of its teams by developing its talents.

Two new partners

With the co-option of Gabriel d’Amécourt and Vincent Ramel, Veil Jourde has consolidated its mergers & acquisitions and private equity department.

The team now comprises 6 partners and 10 associates. It advises a highly diversified clientele of listed and unlisted companies, investment funds, managers and founders on their growth operations. Transactional work has been at the heart of the firm’s practice for many years, alongside litigation and criminal business law.

The team, led by Pierre Deval, François de Navailles, Géraud Saint Guilhem and Laurent Jobert, specialises in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and private equity transactions (LBOs and capital ventures). Business growth has been helped by the strengthening over the last three years of teams providing support in financing, tax, employment law, intellectual property, regulatory affairs and restructuring. With almost thirty deals a year, the team is particularly well known for its work on complex, cross-border transactions and those with a high potential for litigation.

“These co-optations are very natural and are in line with the firm’s desire, and particularly the M&A department’s, to promote in-house talent, pass on the business and consolidate client relationships. They reflect the development and solidity of our team, which shares not only its skills, but also the same vision of leadership and, above all, common values.It’s a reflection of the development and strength of our team, which shares not only its skills, but also the same vision of leadership and, above all, common values.”
Géraud Saint Guilhem, Partner.

The two new partners joined Veil Jourde almost 10 years ago.While the team still favours a multidisciplinary approach, the new partners have developed a number of specific areas of expertise.

Gabriel d’Amécourt has distinguished himself in private equity and expansion capital transactions, both on the fund side and the management side. He has also developed particular expertise in cross-border transactions, notably with industrial players.

Vincent Ramel, de son coté, intervient régulièrement sur des dossiers de droit des sociétés cotées, notamment en matière d’offres publiques et de gouvernance, ainsi que sur des opérations de M&A dans des secteurs régulés. Il accompagne également régulièrement des fonds dans des prises de participation minoritaires, dans le cadre en particulier de MBO.

“Nous sommes très heureux que Gabriel et Vincent continuent à faire grandir avec nous l’activité Corporate du cabinet. Leur transversalité et leur connaissance du marché et des clients sont des atouts clés pour développer et étoffer notre offre de services. Ils sont parfaitement intégrés avec les autres équipes du cabinet, ce qui garantit aux clients une gestion de dossiers complète et efficace”
Laurent Jobert, Partner.

Two news counsels

The promotion of Fanny Attal and Ismaël Koné to counsels in the firm’s intellectual property & media and employment law departments respectively is recognition of their work and central role in these teams.

We are delighted to promote Fanny and Ismaël as counsels. These promotions reflect the excellence they have developed in their areas of expertise and the trust they have built up with our clients
Nicolas Brault et Pauline Larroque-Daran, Partner


The two new counsels joined Veil Jourde in 2020 and 2021, when Nicolas Brault and Pauline Larroque-Daran created the Intellectual Property & Media and Employment Law departments, Fanny Attal advises and litigates in the fields of literary and artistic property, press and communications law, and the protection of personality rights.Ismaël Koné advises and litigates in all areas of employment law, with a particular focus on employee savings schemes.

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